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Tile drainage for better land stewardship

Water Table Management

Tile drainage optimizes the water table for sustainable crop production on your land. It promotes full, deep root growth and keeps mineral, water and oxygen levels in the soil balanced in wet and dry years.

Reduced Salinity

A custom tile drainage system will reduce salt levels in your fields by helping flush excess salts out of wet fields and restoring salinity to its ideal level. A tiled field will also decrease sediment, phosphorus and potassium loss.

Balanced Soil

Deeper, healthier root systems are the result of keeping soil conditions balanced and the water table at optimal depth. This creates reduced soil compaction and improves soil aeration, further improving yields.


Custom tile drainage solutions for your unique situation

Your land is unique

We survey your field and create an RTK elevation map.

We overlay this map with satellite imagery to identify problem areas of your fields.

We test your soil and determine hydro-conductivity across your field.

Your custom tile plan

We consult with you to learn what you have experienced with trouble areas on each field.

We create a custom tile plan specific to the contours and conditions of your land.

We take a second survey during install to ensure this custom plan fits your field contours.


About NextGen Drainage Solutions

NextGen Drainage Solutions provides state-of-the-art tile drainage and water management systems allowing you to maximize your yields, manage your risk, reduce crop loss and instantly increase your land value.

NextGen represents the next generation of modern farming. We take the decades-old practice of tile drainage and apply the best technology, the most advanced equipment and the latest in agronomic knowledge to bring you a custom system built for your farm.

We know farming. We were founded by a farmer and the very first field we tiled was an unproductive field on our founder’s decade old family farm near Pilot Mound, Manitoba. The NextGen drainage system turned that field into one of the farms most profitable and made us believers in how modern tile drainage can transform Western Canadian agriculture.